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The Gardner Lifestyle

The day to day routine of raising quadruplets is fascinating. There has to be a schedule, there must be order, decisions have to be made. Daily life for the Gardner Quadruplets has been documented in several ways through their show Rattled on TLC, their blogs and vlogs, Facebook updates, and through a lifestyle session with me.

But that session was a year ago.  It's time for an update!

Last year was all about four little blondes with tired yawns. Baby bottles and blanket swaddles. Nursery decor and pacifiers galore. A year ago, the babies were immobile. Tyson and Ashley's arms grew stronger by the day as they juggled four hungry mouths. Eat and burp and spit up. Clean up, re-swaddle, put down. Pick up next baby. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Parenting was still so new to my friends, yet they were doing an amazing job figuring it all out. But now, a year later, they have noticeably settled into a productive lifestyle of raising four toddlers all while running their own business. It's fascinating. What in their routine has been eliminated, shuffled around, or evolved into something new? What do they use every day? How do they manage four little girls taking the stairs, learning to climb, bumping into every piece of furniture in the house? Tomorrow, I will document all of that.

These moments are so fleeting. Babies grow so fast, it's easy to look back on the days of our children being little and remember the chaos and the big moments, but not the tiny details. My goal is to capture those details and freeze them in time, to give Tyson and Ashley a visual reminder of what a day in the life of the Gardruplets looked like when they transitioned into toddlers.

Lifestyle sessions are beautiful because they capture life as is. They tell your kids the story of their young lives before they can tell the story themselves. They capture nuances that a standard portrait session can't capture. What makes them so unique in this way? They are done in the comfort of your own home. With your own things and your own routine. Your home is a safe haven, is it a place of love, it is a place of nurturing and endless beauty.

If you're considering scheduling a lifestyle session for your family, send me an email at and let's chat!

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