The {New} Gardner Lifestyle - Loni Smith Photography

Last week, I shot a lifestyle session for the Gardner quad squad (also affectionately known as the Gardruplets). It was pure, amazing chaos. I loved all of it. You've got forty little toes running in opposite directions. Eight little hands making messes faster than two parents can clean. Four little noses needing to be wiped and kissed. There is so much going on all the time, I'm convinced that some days become a blur and end with Tyson and Ashley collapsing into bed, hoping to catch enough shut eye before they start all over again in the morning.  Isn't it beautiful that they wanted this for so long and now that their time to be parents is here, they are savoring every single moment? They see their children as gifts and treat them as such. Perhaps that is why we all love this family so much.

So, how has the Gardner lifestyle changed since our first lifestyle session a year ago (which we took a look back at already)? Instead of four cooing little wriggly babies, there are four rambunctious little running toddlers. Up the stairs, down the stairs, up again and down again, baby gates and toys in crates - being dumped out all over again. Four high chairs lined up in a row, a pretty custom diaper bag for when they're on the go. Blueberries, mac 'n cheese, tasty Gerber puffs. Hard-soled shoes, styled hair, there's so much girly stuff. The pictures tell the whole story of just how busy a day in the life is with the Gardner quadruplets.

For another look at their day, you can also check out the video made by Stacey Petersen from Stacey Petersen Utah Birth Stories + Photography (and while you're at it, visit her website here.)  While I photographed Tyson and Ashley's lifestyle session, she filmed right alongside me and I'm blown away by the amazing video she made!

Coming up next on the blog - my 5 essentials for a newborn photo session!  Stay tuned!

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